Smart Machines

Smart Machines Station

A growing number of OEMs and end users are turning to smart machines to keep up with advances in industrial technology. The main benefit of smart machine integration is the remote connectivity it enables, allowing machines to be accessed from anywhere. Our smart machine demo station monitors and sends data to the cloud for the entire trailer, connecting and showing live data as it updates. Mitsubishi Electric’s products, along with our e-F@ctory solutions, leverage machine data to improve system performance, reduce downtime, and increase profitability. Learn More.


The iQ-R is a full featured control platform with fast processing speeds, network and module synchronization, and multidiscipline control. The advanced design of the iQ-R enables users to lead their industries with superior machine performance and productivity. A multitude of CPU and I/O module options make it a flexible solution for a wide variety of applications.

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IoT Gateway

IoT Gateway offers a simple way to connect machine assets to the cloud, and uses a configurable web-based portal and dashboard for centralized management and contextualized visualization.

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The latest GOT series HMIs offer capability that go beyond just visualization to include functions such as data logging, multimedia capability and embedded communications, blurring the boundaries between HMIs and PCs. Tablet-like usability extends to multi-touch control and gestures, enabling users to easily enlarge content. Today’s HMIs offer increased data and information visibility throughout the enterprise. Instead of simply displaying data, the GOT2000 generation of products delivers genuine perspective on the automation process.

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